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Stanley has forged his own unique practice over the past 25 years as a pharmacist in both New York & Los Angeles. In 2013 he opened the world’s first wellness bar & pharmaceutical practice as Stanley’s Pharmacy. Over the years he has created an oasis for New Yorkers in the know, and become a cultural icon in the downtown scene. 


Born in the Bronx to newly emigrated parents from Kerala, India, he was introduced to Ayurvedic medicine at a nascent age. Later in the early 90’s he became an avid musician, club kid, & music producer; all the while delving into various alternative health traditions. He began synthesizing this knowledge with his education while attending the Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy in Downtown Brooklyn, graduating in 1995.


After decades of professional experience he has developed the discernment for when to use or eschew plant-based or prescription medicine to benefit the health of each individual patient.

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HumansNY Stanley George
HumansNY Stanley George
HumansNY Stanley George
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Best Pharmacist  


The Cutest Little Pharmacy In All Of Manhattan

When I think pharmacy (or rather, American pharmacy), I think discounted Easter candy, those weird heart rate machines...


A Pharmacy for Lower East Siders

 ... tonics and tinctures to cure the typical ailments of the Lower East Side set — including headaches, hangovers, exhaustion, insomnia, allergies, anxiety and sinus infections.


An Old Tonic
For Today's Drugstores

These are exciting times
in the US pharmacy sector.
To use a technical term, 
I would say the Joe 
Klein way
is coming back
into style...







FOOD. CURATED. | Stanley's Pharmacy - Where Age-Old Elixirs + Medicine Deliver a Broader Spectrum of Health

FOOD. CURATED. | Stanley's Pharmacy - Where Age-Old Elixirs + Medicine Deliver a Broader Spectrum of Health

Welcome to my food. curated. James Beard Award-winning food documentary series about inspiring local food artisans! Visit us for more You’ve seen one pharmacy, you’ve seen them all… until you see Stanley’s Pharmacy, a gold-tinted, bright marigold accented, Drinks+Drugs wellness space tucked into one of the quieter side streets on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Here, Stanley George, the charming and affectionate founder, presides over his unique pharmacy bar, where blue-sky murals and wall-to-wall windows instantly transport you to your own personal perfect day. People come from all over the world to visit Stanley. Some visit once or twice a year. Others stop by every day. They come to Stanley’s Pharmacy for modern solutions to their ailments, both body and mind, physical and emotional. And by doing so, they open themselves up to traditions and practices that blend both Eastern and Western medicine. Applying up-to-date medical research with Ayurvedic practices, Chinese medicine, and old 19th-century apothecary tricks, Stanley sees his job as a facilitator, to help us discover what we each uniquely need: drink or drugs, teas or supplements. All in all, he isn’t aiming for us to arrive at happiness perse, or even “normalcy.” Moreso, he wants to put our mind/body in a place of balance. When you have balance, you have freedom. I hope you’re inspired to meet him. When I’m out of balance, there’s nothing more healing than Stanley’s Pharmacy elixirs. Thanks for watching. Enjoy Stanley's story on food. curated.! #eatmorestories More inspiring food stories on food artisans on our website: Produced/Directed/Edited by James Beard Award-Winning storyteller: Liza deGuia (@SkeeterNYC) Connect with us and follow us behind-the-scenes! We love making friends. Also, you can find tons more stories on our website: Any queries, please contact us at: foodcurated[at]
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