s_gStanley George has revolutionized what it means to dispense medicine.

Stanley has forged his own unique practice over the past twenty years as a pharmacist in both New York & Los Angeles. In 2013 he opened the world’s first wellness bar & pharmaceutical practice as Stanley’s Pharmacy. Over the years he has created an oasis for New Yorkers in the know, and has become an icon in the world of alternative medicine & modern healthcare.

The influences that have shaped Stanley’s practice are numerous. Born in the Bronx to newly emigrated parents from Kerala, India, he was introduced to Ayurvedic medicine at a nascent age. Later in the early 90’s he became an avid guitarist, club kid, & music producer all the while delving into various alternative health traditions. He began synthesizing this knowledge with his education while attending the Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy in Downtown Brooklyn. After years of professional experience he has developed the discernment for when to use or eschew plant-based or prescription medicine to benefit the health of each individual patient.